As a Healthy-mindset Enthusiasts myself, my idea is based on promoting the acquisition of a being-mentally-healthy mindset that benefits people individually.
          At The Psy Angles, we are in the business of providing online coaching Sessions, known for our focus on and commitment to achieving results. We combine different aspects of lifestyle expertise (mental health, self-esteem, nutrition, etc) to help our clients to unlock their full potential, achieve their goals and succeed in whatever they love! We specialise in how the brain works and how the right support plan can create amazing life-changing opportunities.
          We are also focused on providing online Courses and achieving the very best engaging training outcome delivered by our eclectic team, so people will be encouraged to succeed.
          And the most exciting: all our excellent online services and courses are provided to English and Greek speakers from all over the world!

Christina Georgalli

The Idea

“Every soul is a blossom flourishing in nature. It is just that, sometimes, souls need a boost to acknowledge it's time to start flourishing!
And this is the role of health and mental health specialists.”

Christina Georgalli

Psychologist, Counselling Psychologist in training, Life Coach

Georgios Perogiannakis

Dietitian, Nutritionist, Clinical Nutrition Specialist

Antonis Kontitsis

Fitness - Personal Trainer




What we thought is good for you

Free Services! 

By subscribing to any of our monthly plans, you help us to keep working on free videos, webinars, etc. accessible to everyone and -the most important- to offer free counselling/life coaching sessions to other people in need. You help us to help others. It is amazing, isn't it? 



By choosing a monthly plan including counselling/life coaching sessions, you are offered a discount, plus that you save some time, as the day/time suits you will be booked for the rest of the month! Don't forget that you support our idea of free sessions for other people. 

If you would like to be considered for our free sessions when available, please apply: Request Free Sessions form.

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